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Painting For Humanity

Boston Artist Giovanni Decunto

DWN-MAY-2016_Giovanni-01Art has been around since the dawn of mankind and through the years artistic expression has taken many forms. Some artists re-create images that they see day in and day out. Others try to re-create visions that dwell in their creative minds. Giovanni Decunto is a hybrid of both. His mind’s eye sees a unique image where the rest of us just see life as it is. This unique gift has placed Giovanni’s art in the homes of some very famous individuals and business establishments of great notoriety.

Driven to paint, DeCunto knew at the young age of seven that he would be an artist-an artist of such strength and talent that the world would know him. All of his life, he has been creating paintings themed around individualism and freedom while displaying the greatness of man. This artist’s interests lie with history and redefining historical movements. In his mid-twenties, Decunto’s art became a part of the permanent collections at the Smithsonian, Harvard University’s Fogg Museum, the MIT Historical Collection and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He came to the attention of the White House curator at the time, Rex Scouten, as well as then President George Bush and contributed paintings to Barbara Bush for her literacy campaign.

DWN-MAY-2016_Giovanni-02The physical and emotional reaction to Decunto’s work is as powerful as the work itself – vibrant, intense and in all cases, compelling. His paintings are a canvas where chaos and order collide. His style resonates with a unique quality; his discipline is that of a classical painter, yet contemporary elements are clearly evident. He applies paint directly from the tube to the canvas, reversing the traditional methods to create provocative imagery. His collection of paintings depict individuals and political-historical events that have influenced and contributed to shaping cultures around the world.

Decunto states, “My paintings are my palette for chaos and order to collide. I take the high art and the low art, which is commonplace, and let them battle it out on the canvas.” He continues,”The contemporary issues confronted in the work provoke a response, both emotional and intellectual, and symbolize the struggle towards birth that our society now faces. We are at the beginning. Painting, to me, is the great equalizer. I paint for humanity.”

DWN-MAY-2016_Giovanni-03A voyeur of the current culture, Decunto began painting icons in the late 90’s such as Gianni Versace, Michael Jordan, Robert DeNiro, Frank Sinatra, JFK Jr. and others. Prominent collectors continue to procure his work and establish his reputation: Reebok World Headquarters, Children’s Hospital Boston, Scutter, Clark and Stevens and Ropes and Grey are among this discerning group. Decunto’s work was recently featured on a two-hour, prime-time “Survivor” CBS special, with the cameras rolling in to capture the artist in his studio where he created the painting “Sweet Victory,” an inspirational piece of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. The piece was bought by one of the stars of the show and presented to her fiancé in front of millions!

On the day we visited his studio he ended up turning all of our models into LIVE canvases and created some stunning works of art that were donated to a charitable auction! To learn more about Decunto’s work visit:

PHOTOS: Mike Zotos/
MODELS: Nomi Ganbold, Jay Cameron, Anjha Thomas and Jessica Graf
HAIRSTYLES: Jose Batistine
MAKEUP: Emina Catalbas

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