Batsheva Fall 2024 Ready to Wear featuring Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald opened the Batsheva fall 2024 runway show Tuesday night, wearing a hooded black velvet midi-dress and lace trimmed velvet muff, and looking every inch a Swan.

“It was my first [runway] walk in a while,” Ringwald said backstage. “It felt really great, I really loved both of my looks and I’m so happy to be included in this incredible group of women. I find it really inspiring. The first look I was thinking of Jackie Kennedy wearing the widow’s weeds. The second is kind of Victorian meets the ’80s,” she said, sounding like a pro.

The “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans” actress, who is 55, was the ringleader of a cast of gorgeous, age 40-plus women including poet/lawyer Vanessa Place, art advisor Racquel Chevremont, and fashion editor Marilyn Kirschner. Designer Batsheva Hay also recruited models from a local dance studio, who twirled and leaped down the runway with joy that was contagious.

“I found everyone was excited to feel seen and included and participate in getting dressed up,” she said. “A lot women are left out of fashion so to be invited in was a thrill. And I think the clothes really reflected that. They are kind of covered but playful–how I am. I’m not trying to be young or cool, it’s just all the shapes with the fun flourishes that feel exciting to me.”

Hay, who is 42, said the inspiration for the collection was an identity crisis she was having both as designer now in a different stage of life than when she started her business as a young mom, and as a woman not knowing how to dress and be as she gets older.

She came up with a lot of fantastic dress propositions in black velvet with ample arm coverage or in an exhibitionist’s peekaboo lace, proving the sheer trend has no age limit. Leopard faux leopard fur capelets and pants, and tunic dress with matching muff; red satin swagged skirts, sashed sequin dresses and a “Hag” sweater were on point for Batsheva’s brand of stylish irreverence.

“Especially since fashion becomes a very unwelcoming place for aging, I wanted to make clothing that was dignified and beautiful but also fun,” said Hay.

SOURCE: Women’s Wear Daily

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