IATSE Pauses Negotiations on Area Standards Agreement Without a Deal

IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, announced Saturday, June 1 that it has for now concluded the second of two scheduled weeks of Area Standards Agreement (ASA) negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). While no deal was reached, both parties agreed to continue negotiations later this month.

After not initially reaching a Basic Agreement with the AMPTP following negotiations, IATSE shifted attention onto the ASA, which covers film and TV workers outside of Los Angeles and consists of another 23 locals around the country. This all comes after IATSE’s 13 individual locals reached a tentative deal with the AMPTP on issues specific to their locals.

In a statement from IATSE, International President Matthew D. Loeb stated, “I want to thank the ASA Negotiating Committee for their thorough work to prepare for these negotiations. Their contribution helped ensure we have the momentum we need at the table. I’m hopeful that we will soon reach a tentative agreement that members will want to ratify.”

Basic Agreement negotiations are set to restart on Monday, June 3 and run to Wednesday, June 5. The Basic Agreement covers workers in Los Angeles and like the ASA, does not expire until July 31. As talks continue, some amongst IATSE have pleaded for more transparency and it seems this statement aims to supply it.

A great deal of IATSE’s membership — as well as many other unions — were given alarm recently when the California EDD threatened to end the use of loan-outs; corporate entities that allow freelancers to be paid through their company rather than as an individual and provides tax breaks for workers who often face long periods of feast and famine. It has since walked back this threat after many Hollywood unions voiced their outrage.

Though no new deals have been made, the fact that negotiations continue on is the best news one could hope for. A source explained to IndieWire, “These negotiations are complex for a variety of reasons and while a deal for the ASA wasn’t reached in the scheduled time, talks are ongoing and the work will continue Monday with the restart of the Basic negotiations.”

SOURCE: Indie Wire

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