‘John Tucker Must Die 2’ Is in the Works with Its Original Cast

“John Tucker Must Die” is being resurrected.

The beloved high school rom-com that had a Shakespearean revenge premise is getting the delayed-sequel treatment, according to one the original film‘s stars Arielle Kebbel. She’ll not just reprise her role of Carrie in this one, but also produce.

“John Tucker Must Die” centered around a philandering popular jock (Jesse Metcalfe) whose series of girlfriends devise a plan to turn the heartbreak tables around on him. Enter: Brittany Snow. The 2006 film also starred Sophia Bush, Penn Badgley, and the singer Ashanti. It was directed by Betty Thomas.

John Tucker, who definitely ain’t dead yet, may even get a redemption arc in this one.

“I’ve heard rumors of this script — there’s a script,” Metcalfe said earlier this week during a panel at Epic Cons Chicago (via E! Online). “Apparently, it’s amazing.”

While Metcalfe said he hadn’t read the script at the time, he noted that he would “love to be a part of it” and “can’t wait” to see what unfolds for his character. “I’m here for it,” Metcalfe said, even teasing that he is open to re-donning the thong he wore in the first film. “I can’t wait to unleash this dad bod on the big screen.”

Actress/producer Kebbel confirmed that “all of the OG cast” is included in the screenplay itself, and that John Tucker may even have a “chance to change” in the sequel.

The revival of early 2000s teen rom-coms has swept Hollywood as of late, with 2004’s “Mean Girls” landing a musical-film reboot at Paramount. Disney’s “Freaky Friday” is apparently getting a follow-up bringing back Lindsay Lohan and Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis (per Lohan), who have both stated their desire to reprise their mother-daughter dynamic onscreen. Curtis revealed that she pitched a sequel to Disney last year during the 20-year anniversary of the 2003 movie.

There’s also a third “Princess Diaries” coming — no word yet if Anne Hathaway will return to her roots and be back as the Princess of Genovia. “The Princess Diaries 3” is being penned by Aadrita Mukerji (“Supergirl”) and will be continuation of the original film series. It’s been 20 years since the last “Princess Diary” film.

SOURCE: Indie Wire

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