Meet Danielle Goldberg, Stylist for Stars

Danielle Goldberg was sitting at a table with her eyes glued to a laptop screen. On it was the actress Greta Lee, who was trying on a satin gown the same color as the flesh of a banana.

“This dress cannot puddle,” Mrs. Goldberg, 40, said, squinting her eyes as she focused on a slight break at the bottom of the custom Loewe piece. (Ms. Lee is an ambassador for the brand.) It was just past 9 on a Saturday evening in January, the night before the Golden Globe Awards, and Mrs. Goldberg, a stylist, was conducting a video fitting from her studio in New York with Ms. Lee, who was beaming in from her home in Los Angeles.

“What it’s doing right now,” Mrs. Goldberg said of the dress onscreen, “it can’t do that. It has to be perfect.” Nanaz Hatami, a tailor Mrs. Goldberg has worked with for five years, who was with Ms. Lee, sprang into action.

Video fittings have been a solution for the stylist as she has juggled the demands of her job, which lately has included dressing Ms. Lee along with the actress Ayo Edebiri and the singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo for awards season appearances.

Mrs. Goldberg, who lives in downtown Manhattan with her husband, Michael Goldberg, a creative director, and their young son, doesn’t like to spend too much time away from home if she can help it. Especially now that she is pregnant with her second child.

Halfway through the fitting with Ms. Lee, flashes of red began appearing at the bottom corner of Mrs. Goldberg’s laptop. They were photos from the stylist’s assistant in Los Angeles showing Ms. Edebiri in her own custom dress, made of scarlet satin by Prada. The following night, millions of viewers watched as Ms. Edebiri clutched the gown’s train while accepting the Golden Globe for best actress in a TV musical or comedy.

SOURCE: New York Times

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