Zoe Saldaña on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Characters

With James Gunn hard at work on “Superman” and stars like Dave Bautista expressing their desire to move on, it’s safe to say that the iteration of “Guardians of the Galaxy” that Marvel fans enjoyed for the past decade won’t be returning. But Zoe Saldaña hopes the comic book characters find their way back onto the big screen in some capacity.

In a recent appearance on The Discourse podcast (via The Playlist), the actress reiterated that she has no interest in returning as Gamora. But she added that she hopes another actress gets a chance to take on the role.

“I mean, so far, I think that she is for me,” Saldaña said when asked whether she’s done playing the superhero. “But I don’t think Gamora has gone for good.”

Saldaña went on to explain that she thinks the Guardians occupy a unique niche within the comic book movie space and that she would be happy to see the franchise rebooted.

“I would think it would be a huge loss for Marvel if they didn’t find a way to bring back ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy,’” she said. “It’s just such a fan-favorite group of misfits, you know? And then at the helm, they had a voice like James Gunn’s writing — which is just so marvelous for and very specific for this genre. And it’s so great for this genre as well. So, I would be the first one in the first row to sort of celebrate when the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ come back.”

Saldaña has often spoken about her complicated feelings about superhero movies, explaining that she cherishes the opportunities that the franchise provided but often felt creatively stifled by the obligations it created.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunities that they provided, from collaborating with amazing directors and getting to meet cast members that I consider friends and getting to play a role that fans, especially children, love,” Saldaña said in a 2022 interview. “I feel that for the last 10 years of my life, I’ve been just stuck. I felt stuck doing these franchises.”

SOURCE: Indie Wire

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